this is a demo menu items and prices will change

Lunchtime Special 12 noon until 2.30 pm
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday (closed Thursday)

Flash lunch, fantastic flavors! Conquer lunchtime cravings with our lightning-fast pizza special. Two 1/4 slices of Vientiane’s top-rated pizzas, a tasty side, a dessert, and a chilled drink – delivered in record time! All for the unbeatable price of 180,000 Kip.

Double the pizza, double the fun! Choose TWO slices from our all-star lineup: pepperoni power, mushroom magic, a taste of the sea, cheesy heaven, or the zing of onion. Go for two of the same or try a tasty combo! Feeling adventurous? Share with friends and conquer all the flavors!

It’s the battle of the sides! Are you Team Garlic Bread – the crowd-pleasing classic? Or Team Chef’s Salad – the fresh and vibrant contender? Either way, you win!

Menu - Lunchtime - 180,000 Kip
Make 1 choice from selection/ເລືອກເອົາ 1 ທາງເລືອກ
Iced Tea
Our home made sweetened iced tea
Coke, Pepsi, Miranda
Make 1 choice from selection/ເລືອກເອົາ 1 ທາງເລືອກ
Garlic Bread
Chefs Salad
Choose 2 slices of Pizza/ເລືອກ pizza 2 ຕ່ອນ
Mushroom /ເຫັດ
Ice Cream
Semi Frodo