ham and mushroom pizza

Lao ham and local mushroom pizza

Yo, pizza peeps! Let’s ditch the pepperoni party and raise the roof for the unsung hero of the pizza world: the ham and mushroom combo. But not just any ham and mushrooms, oh no! We’re talkin’ a Vientiane symphony of flavors, where Lao ham, juicy as gossip and rich as a temple bell, joins forces with local funghi so fresh they’ll sprout outta your ears (maybe not, but they’ll be darn tasty!).

Forget those rubbery ham slices and button mushrooms that taste like cardboard with dirt on it. We’re talking thick-cut slabs of Laotian ham, cured under the watchful gaze of the sun, with a salty-sweet whisper that’ll make your taste buds tango. Picture it: thin and smoky threads of fat marbling the meat, promising a richness that’ll hug your belly like a long-lost cousin. And the mushrooms? Don’t even get me started. Forget bland button things! We’re foraging for earthy oyster mushrooms, plump chanterelles, maybe even a cheeky boletus or two, all kissed by the Laotian sun and begging to be sprinkled on your pizza dough.

Now, imagine this symphony of flavors: the earthy depth of the mushrooms meets the salty swagger of the ham, all singing their praises atop a bed of tangy tomato sauce. Each bite is an adventure, a journey through the Laotian countryside with every chew. Picture yourself sinking your teeth into a gooey mozzarella cloud, dotted with juicy mushrooms that burst in your mouth, releasing earthy perfume. Then, BAM! The salty kiss of the Lao ham hits you, making your eyes widen and your toes wiggle with cheesy glee.

And don’t think this pizza is some uptight, fancy-pants dish. This is Vientiane comfort food, rolled up in a doughy hug. We’re talking crispy crust with just the right amount of char, strong enough to hold the glorious toppings without becoming a soggy mess. Every bite is a party in your mouth, an explosion of textures and flavors that’ll have you humming Laotian folk songs and shouting “Kop jai!” with every slice.

So, ditch the pepperoni or 4 cheese, friends. Come embrace the magic of the Lao ham and mushroom pizza. It’s a celebration of local ingredients, a love letter to Vientiane’s vibrant flavors, and a guaranteed good time on a doughy canvas. And hey, if you want to throw on some fresh herbs, a sprinkle of chili flakes, or a drizzle of that spicy nam prik noom, go for it! This pizza is all about embracing your inner culinary rockstar.

So, crank up the tunes, gather your crew, and let’s dig into this Laotian masterpiece. Remember, life’s too short for boring pizza. Let’s get funky, let’s get cheesy, and let’s sing the praises of the ham and mushroom pizza, Vientiane-style!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with a sizzling pizza oven and a whole bag of Laotian mushrooms that are practically begging to be devoured. See you on the other side, pizza peeps!

Make Your Own Pizza

Yo, Pizza Wizards! Craft a Lao Ham & Local Mushroom Symphony in 8 Inches (and Your Mouth)

Forget pepperoni pandemonium, we’re here to crown the unsung hero of cheesy goodness: the ham and mushroom duet. But not just any duo, oh no! We’re talkin’ a Vientiane flavor fiesta where Lao ham, thick as secrets and rich as temple bells, joins forces with local funghi so fresh they’ll make your taste buds tango (metaphorically, of course!).

Gather your groove:

  • Lao ham: Thick-cut slabs, cured under the Laotian sun, singing salty-sweet serenades to your palate. Think smoky threads of fat, promising richness that’ll hug your belly like a long-lost cousin.
  • Local mushrooms: Forget boring buttons! We’re talkin’ earthy oyster soldiers, plump chanterelle chanters, maybe even a cheeky boletus or two, all begging to join the pizza party.
  • Tomato sauce: Vibrant and tangy, a perfect stage for the flavor showdown.
  • Mozzarella cheese: Stretchy and gooey, the perfect mozzarella maestro to conduct the cheesy symphony.
  • Pizza dough: Hand-crafted, thin and crispy with a hint of char, strong enough to handle the groove without becoming a soggy mess. (You can make your own or grab store-bought, we won’t judge.)
  • Optional extras: Fresh herbs like mint or basil, a sprinkle of chili flakes for a fiery kick, or a drizzle of Laotian nam prik noom for a spicy tango.

Let’s jam!:

  1. Preheat your oven to 450°F (230°C), crank up the tunes, and gather your crew. Let’s get this pizza party started!
  2. Roll out your dough (or skip this step if using store-bought) into an 8-inch circle, the perfect canvas for our flavor fiesta.
  3. Spread your tangy tomato sauce like a vibrant red carpet for the stars of the show.
  4. Thinly slice your Lao ham, those smokey threads of fat whispering promises of deliciousness. Scatter them like confetti across the sauce.
  5. Now, the funghi funk! Slice your local mushrooms, be it earthy oysters, cheeky boletus, or plump chanterelles. Let them form a funky forest on your pizza canvas.
  6. Mozzarella magic! Sprinkle on a generous layer of mozzarella, the gooey maestro ready to conduct the cheesy symphony.
  7. Optional extras: Feeling adventurous? Throw on some fresh herbs, a sprinkle of chili flakes, or a drizzle of that spicy nam prik noom. This is your pizza, let your freak flag fly!
  8. Slide your cheesy masterpiece into the preheated oven and let it bake for 8-10 minutes, or until the crust is golden brown and the cheese is bubbly and oozing.
  9. Slice that bad boy up, grab your friends, and let the Vientiane flavor fiesta begin! Every bite is an explosion of earthy mushrooms, salty ham, and gooey cheese, a symphony your taste buds will never forget.

Bonus Tip: Feeling extra Laotian? Replace the mozzarella with “kaow neua,” a local buffalo cheese. Trust me, it’s a cheesy revelation!

So, ditch the boring, embrace the Lao Ham & Local Mushroom Pizza, and let your taste buds embark on a Vientiane flavor adventure. Remember, life’s too short for bland pizza. Get funky, get cheesy, and savor this 8-inch symphony of deliciousness!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with a hot oven and a craving for Lao ham magic. See you on the other side, pizza peeps!