calzone Pizza

Calzone Pizza

Unleash the Flavor: Discover the Delicious Versatility of the Calzone Pizza

A calzone pizza is a culinary masterpiece where familiar pizza flavors transform into a handheld feast. Imagine a warm, golden-brown crust, folded into a crescent shape and bursting with tantalizing fillings. This Italian classic delivers the perfect blend of gooey cheese, savory fillings on the inside, and a satisfyingly crispy exterior.

The Calzone Advantage:

Portability: Enjoy all the goodness of your favorite pizza in a perfectly portable package.
Customizable: The calzone’s sealed crust holds endless possibilities, from classic to adventurous fillings.
Flavor Explosion: Each bite brings a symphony of textures and concentrated flavors.

Flavor Adventures Await:

Here’s where things get exciting! While calzones often feature traditional pizza toppings on the inside, they’re a fantastic vessel for unique flavor combinations:

Seafood Sensation: Delicate shrimp,  or even mussels nestled in a creamy sauce with fresh herbs – a taste of the sea in every bite.

Lao Laarb Love: Infuse your calzone with the vibrant flavors of Laos! Fragrant minced chicken, pork, or beef seasoned with the iconic toasted rice powder, lime, and herbs – an unforgettable fusion.

Cheese & Onion Dream: A timeless combination! Sweet caramelized onions mingle with gooey mozzarella and pops of fresh herbs. Add your favorite cured meat for extra savory goodness.

Any of the toppings we have can be made into a Calzone with build your own pizza at Lao Pizza Heaven.

The Beauty of the Calzone:

From classic Pizza to creative, the calzone embraces all flavors. Whether you crave familiar comfort or a culinary adventure, this folded delight will satisfy your pizza cravings in a whole new way. So, on your next pizza night, why not ditch the slice and embrace the delicious potential of the calzone? Your tastebuds will thank you!